The Complete Coinage of Domitian

This new eBook gives a very thorough catalog of the coinage of emperor Domitian, the last of the "Twelve Caesars" as written by Suetonius. Listed within are over 1,000 varieties many of which were previously unpublished and all presented in an easy to follow format. In addition to the most authoritative reference works, nearly all listings now benefit from online referencing as well to aid the finding of similar varieties - no more obscure citations and dead ends! Most importantly, this work also includes the most detailed rarity and valuing information ever compiled for a reference on ancient numismatics. The date of each variety is now more accurate than ever and weights for each of the denominations are given in ranges and averages. High-resolution plates, thoroughly revised from ERIC II, round out this fine offering.

Download today for $10.00. Available as a PDF from Dirty Old Coins