The first three of five planned volumes for the eBook version of ERIC II are now available as a download at a cost of only $5. The PDF may be used on any computer with Adobe Reader (chances are you already have it installed). It can also be loaded onto any e-reader such as a Kindle, Nook, iPhone/iPad, or your computer.
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Volume I covers the "Twelve Caesars" period from Augustus through Domitian.
Volume II covers the height of the Roman "pax Romana" from the time of Nerva through the reign of Clodius Albinus.
Volume III is a complete catalog for the turbulent third century AD, a century which left a coinage legacy by dozens of rulers.
Volume IV This section tackles head-on the enormous quantity of coins minted under Constantine's family, his rivals and the Valentinian and Theodosian dynasties that followed for a wholly comprehensive look at late Roman coinage.
Volume V brings to a close the Roman epoch with the numismatic whimper that was the western Roman empire under Honorius through the brief reign of Romulus Augustus whose ouster in 476 signaled the end of the imperial line that had begun under Augustus five centuries before.

There are some differences between the print and electronic versions. Compared to the hardcopy:

-Much cheaper
-Portable/Viewable on all e-readers & PCs
-Some updated plates
-Includes ERIC II corrigenda
-Text boxes highlighted in light green
-Catalog listings now have odd numbers highlighted for easier reading
-Larger plates
-Fonts replaced for easier reading and enlarged
-Catalog listings collapsed into columns to save space and easier to find entries
-No hernias!

-No external references
-Fewer end-of-chapter photographs
-Abridged introductory section
-Unuseable if the power or batteries give out!