Anicius Olybrius


One of the shadowier of the "shadow emperors", Olybrius was the last of Ricimer's puppet emperors having been appointed to the post in the spring of 472. Ricimer died soon afterwards but Olybrius, an otherwise well-placed Roman aristocrat, failed to leave his mark on history independent of Ricimer's own wishes because he, too, would die later that year. As can be expected, his coins are excessively rare and sought after by affluent collectors.

AU Tremissis

RIC 3003 Tremisses Obv: DNANICIVSOLYBRIVSAG - Diademed (pearls), draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: SALVSMVNDI Exe: COMOB - Jewelled cross.

RIC 3004 Tremisses Obv: DNANICIVSOLYBRIVSAVG - Diademed (pearls), draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: No legend Exe: CONOB - Wreath, cross within. [S letter in obv always rendered backwards for this issue]. (Mediolanum).