c.412 - 413

Shadowiest of the shadow emperors, all that is known about Sebastianus is that he was the brother of equally obscure Jovinus. Jovinus was the puppet emperor of a conglomeration of germanic and gallic tribes loosely headed by a certain Guntiarius. With their help and in the interest of keeping political formalities, they elevated him to "emperor" and coinage was struck in his name. But there was little, if any power to be wielded by him beyond palace gesturing. It was under these conditions that one of the few acts as emperor would be to crown his brother as "co-emperor". Still, Honorius and a host of other tribes took the happenings seriously enough and considered the German-Gallic area under their nominal rulership a runaway province. Ataulf, now in league with Honorius, sent a large force which easily located and defeated Sebastianus and then Jovinus (along with another brother, Sallustius). They were beheaded and their heads triumphantly paraded all the way to the court of Honorius in Ravenna. As can be imagined, the few coins of Sebastianus that have survived command princely sums on the rare occasions they come to market.

AR Siliqua

Unlisted Siliqua Obv: DNSEBASTIANVSPFAVG - Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: RESTITVTORROM - Victory seated left, holding scepter and Victory on globe. $19,074 11/20/00.