Legendary for the extreme rarity of his coins, Silbannacus is known to history thanks to the very fact that a coin was found with his name on it. No written record of his accession, background or fate is recorded anywhere. It is suspected he was a military leader along the Rhine who opportunistically usurped the throne with the aid of his soldiers during the reign of Philip I, a time of unprecedented civil strife in the empire.

Long the Holy Grail of Roman coin collectors, Silbannacus now has three coins known to the numismatic world which puts him behind Saturninus for whom only two are known.

AR Antoninianus

RIC 1 Antoninianus Obv: IMPMARSILBANNACVSAVG - Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: VICTORIAAVG - Mercury standing, facing, holding Victory and caduceus.